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Achievement Awards Scheme
award recipients : clarendon
Arthur Sinclair Dunk, Clarendon (1999)

Born to Albert and Janet Dunk on June 26, 1937 in Mocho, Clarendon, Arthur Sinclair Dunk is one of eleven children in a family led by a mother and father whose main occupations were housewife and shoe-maker, respectively. The family's income was supplemented by small-scale farming. Young Arthur attended the Brixton Hill, May Pen and Mocho Elementary schools.  Over the years, he successfully completed several academic courses including a diploma in theology at the Jamaica Open Bible Institute.  From as early as seventeen years, he began his apprenticeship as an automobile mechanic with H. G. Reid and Sons Limited in May Pen.

At the age of 29, two years after he became a Christian and while still working as a mechanic at Waterwell  and Engineering Construction Company, Mr. Dunk helped to pioneer and pastor the Lionel Town Open Bible Church.  In March 1971, he was ordained as a Minister of Religion with the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica.

In 1974, he was appointed full-time pastor of the church of the Open Bible in May Pen and under his leadership the congregation increased considerably. Reverend Dunk has served in a number of prominent positions in the open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica including being a member of the island board of directors, island general superintendent, director of Sunday Schools and President of the board of the Jamaica Open Bible Institute.  He is also Chairman of the May Pen Keswick Convention Committee and a member of the May Pen Ministers' Fraternal.

Reverend Dunk works extensively in his community to provide help and relief for the less fortunate, in particular, he has played a dynamic role as advocator, family counselor and motivator.  He is a member of the friends of the May Pen hospital and has worked with the church community in May Pen to secure funds to assist the Clarendon infirmary and the street people and to provide housing for some of the homeless.  He has been working with the Salvation Army to facilitate rehabilitation of drug addicts and has achieved a satisfactory measure of success.

He has been playing the role of proxy father for numerous youngsters and together with his wife and the church have provided scholarships to needy students. Currently, Reverend Dunk is reading for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. He is married to Gerda Fay Dunk and the union has produced seven children. Arthur Sinclair Dunk, we commend you as one who has exhibited service above self and salute you as a worthy recipient of the Governor General's Achievement Award for the parish of Clarendon in 1999.

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