The Governor-General’s
Achievement Awards Scheme
award recipients : st. james

In the parish of St. James, and the Flanker Community in particular, the name Marilyn McIntosh-Nash is synonymous with ‘sharing, caring and lending a helping hand,’ values to which Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen alluded to in his Inaugural Address, ‘I Believe.’


A Justice of the Peace, Marilyn McIntosh-Nash is a Jamaican from modest social and economic circumstances who, by improving herself academically and professionally, has used this to help the less fortunate.


Her parents divorced when she was only nine years old, leaving her mother –now a single parent – to care for four biological and two adopted children.  When she graduated from Montego Bay High School at age 16 in 1981, Mrs. McIntosh-Nash went to work at the National Commercial Bank at Red Hills Mall in Kingston in order to help her mother take care of her younger siblings. 


She migrated briefly to the United States of America, and took advantage of the opportunity to pursue academic studies that had been stymied by her early marriage.  After studies in areas related to law and dispute resolution at the Faith Restoration Centre in Brooklyn, New York, South Texas University Law School and the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio, she returned to Jamaica to further her studies.


Since her return to Jamaica, has completed studies in areas that have equipped her in areas such as peer education, youth counselling, parenting, social assessment and dispute resolution.  She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


But, it is in the field of community development for which Mrs. McIntosh-Nash is well known. The initiator of the programmes at the Flanker Peace and Justice Centre, Mrs. McIntosh-Nash has been instrumental in leading a community-based initiative for resolving disputes and restoring peace to the once volatile community. 


Her civic involvement includes being a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. James, President of the Flanker Community Development Committee, Special Projects Coordinator with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and Chairman of the Grants Basic School.  She is a board member of the St. James Peace Management Initiative, Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning, Youth Crime Watch Jamaica and the Providence Heights Basic School.


Despite her busy schedule of community activities and being a mother to three biological and two foster children, Mrs. McIntosh-Nash still find time and resources to engage in numerous informal adoptions in and out of the parish.


Mrs. Marilyn McIntosh-Nash JP, it is with pride and confidence that the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Committee of St James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Award for 2010.



Everton Wesley Anderson has an unending concern for the safety of public health and believes it must be delivered at the highest quality, even if resources are limited.  He has dedicated more than a decade of his adult life to a career in the Public Health service, rising steadily to the position of Chief Executive Officer of one of the island’s busiest and largest health facilities, the Cornwall Regional Hospital. 


Mr. Anderson is seen as a visionary in the field of healthcare especially in the western region.  Under his leadership, the Cornwall Regional Hospital has been able to realize the construction of a new wing for the Cardiology and Intensive Care Units, a new Chemotherapy suite, and an Intransit Unit in the Accident and Emergency Department.  Several other upgrades to the physical structure of the hospital have also been achieved under his stewardship.  He was also instrumental in the introduction of Neuro-surgery to the western region. 


He is highly regarded and admired by staff and patients alike for his commitment to the delivery of the best quality healthcare to the people of western Jamaica.  The high esteem with which he is held has earned him the coveted title of All-Island Boss of the Year in 2003, presented by the Jamaica Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals.


As part of his community involvement, Mr. Anderson serves on the Boards of the Springfield Basic School, Maldon High School, Cornwall College Old Boys’ Trust Limited and Herbert Morrison High School. 


Everton Wesley Anderson, it is with pride and confidence that the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Committee of St. James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Youth Award for Excellence for 2010.

St. James //ALEC RAY TOMLIN (2010)

Alec Ray Tomlin was born in Montego Bay, St. James.  Young Tomlin is passionate about volunteerism and despite his youth, he has provided outstanding leadership in a number of school and community organisations.  He sees himself as ‘destined to lead’ and has focused his energy on activities that would best help him to develop and sharpen those skills.


Mr. Tomlin has applied himself well in every leadership position in which he has served.  He was Head Boy and valedictorian at the Mount Alvernia Preparatory School. At age 14, he was the youngest President of the Cornwall College tennis team and captained the team from 2007-2008.  He was Class Monitor from Grades 7 to 11 at Cornwall College, and President of the Student Council for the 2009 academic year.   He also served as Student Council President at the Montego Bay Community College.


His academic and co-curricular achievements include the 2003 GSAT Government Scholarship Award, winner of the Vivian Rochester National Math Competition, four-time silver medalist in the JCDC speech finals, successful completion of 10 CSEC subjects at Cornwall College, and the Rotary Award for Leadership. 


Mr. Tomlin currently tutors students in Accounting at his alma mater and is Editor-in-Chief/Staff Writer of “The Zone,” a youth-oriented publication launched in 2010.  He also does volunteer work at the Blessed Assurance Children’s Home for children with disabilities and conducts badminton clinics in his community, against the background that sports is a catalyst for community unity, peace and development.


His ambition is to lead by example and he looks forward to a successful career in Business. He is currently pursuing studies in Business at the Montego Bay Community College. 


Alec Ray Tomlin, it is with pride and confidence that the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Committee of St. James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Youth Award for Excellence for 2010.


Clasford Glen Woolery is the third of nine children born to humble parents in Maroon Town,

St. James. His father died when he was ten years old, and being the eldest son, he had the awesome responsibility of ‘man of the house’ thrust upon him.


His mother always emphasised the importance of a close relationship with God and so Mr. Woolery was educated at the Vaughsfield Seventh-day Adventist Church School.  He balanced his studies with chores around the house and on the farm, which helped him to develop a keen sense of responsibility from an early age.


Mr. Woolery’s mother encouraged him to become a Pastor, but his heart rested in the area of construction, as it was his lifelong dream to build her a house. He began working as an apprentice in the construction industry and then enrolled in evening classes where he studied Technical and Architectural Drawing. He later pursued a distance education course at the Bennett Airmail College of England before matriculating at the College of Arts, Science and Technology, now the University of Technology, and The University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies.


Although he is from humble beginnings, Mr. Woolery has realised his dream of becoming a master Builder.  His major construction projects include the Montego Bay Civic Centre, the Revenue Centre, Life of Jamaica Shopping Centre and the Northern Caribbean University Library. He is the founder of Clasford G. Woolery & Partners Ltd and WAW Developers.


Mr. Woolery has diligently given back to his parish through 25 full scholarships to students of the Harrison Memorial High School and Northern Caribbean University.


Clasford Glen Woolery, it is with pride and confidence that your colleagues and the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Committee of St. James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Achievement Award for 2010.


O’Brian Clarke is an astute and outstanding young gentleman who hails from the parish of St. James. He was born on October 6, 1990 and from an early stage recognised his ability to write and articulate very well. He attended Corinaldi Boys School in his formative years and currently attends the Cornwall College.


At Cornwall College, he holds several positions of responsibility, including Corporal in his Cadet Unit, National Secondary Student Council Region Four Secretary/Public Relations Officer, Form Monitor, Student Council Representative and is currently a             Sub-Prefect.


As a member of the Student Council body, Mr. Clarke gives several hours of community service and has also distinguished himself academically with one distinction and seven credits at CSEC.


Mr Clarke is very involved in the Youth Fellowship at the St. Paul’s United Church where he is the Cultural Co-ordinator and President. This young man aspires to work in the field of medicine or agriculture and dreams of making a difference in his country. He is patriotic, responsible and enjoys making a significant contribution to his community through voluntarism.


O’Brian Clarke, it is with pride and confidence that the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Award Committee of St. James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Youth Award for Excellence for 2009.


Gloria Meredith has been a volunteer since 1994 working with persons infected with HIV/AIDS. Her work primarily began with the care for persons living with HIV/AIDS which led to the genesis of her charitable organisation Children of Faith. As the Executive Director, she has the leverage to seek assistance from large organisations to care for children orphaned by the pandemic, and remains close to educating the populace, mainly in Montego Bay, about the prevention of HIV/AIDS.


Miss Meredith’s work was birthed out of the inhumane treatment meted of those affected by HIV/AIDS. Her quest was not only to help the sick, but to educate those who misunderstood the disease. This led her to engage groups in sensitization sessions, and eventually to work with orphaned children. She began by fostering two girls and now her care reaches to more than four hundred children. She provides parenting skills training for the caregivers in the homes in which the children are to be placed, and counselling and psychotherapy for the children, where necessary.


Miss Meredith has qualified herself in the areas of Management and Social Work, and is now pursuing a Degree in Psychology in order to better assist those she cares for. She has received awards for her voluntary service to the parish of St. James from the Council of Voluntary Social Services in 2003 and the National Volunteer Programme in 2004.


Gloria Meredith, it is with pride and confidence that your colleagues and the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Award Committee of St. James have selected you as a worthy recipient of the Governor-General’s Achievement Award for the parish of St. James for 2009.



Eugennie “Gloria” Minto’s life story tells of a caring individual from a modest upbringing, who overcame hardships through diligent work, faith and determination; demonstrating that with dedication, drive and a strong sense of self, success is not only possible, but achievable.


Born in 1949 to a humble family in the small community of Coopership, St. James, Gloria attended Maldon Primary School, went to church and did chores at home. Her father passed on when she was three years old; and she and her five siblings helped their mother, Jemima, to sell ground provisions in the market on weekends.


It was in that context that Gloria mastered the science of adding and subtracting, and developed good customer relationships. This skill would later be extremely beneficial as she pursued her own goals to become an entrepreneur. She was joint owner of a pot-making business in Sudbury; and when that business failed, she returned to the market to sell fruits and after, saved to make down payment on a tavern, and became the owner.


Her unyielding ambition superseded her formal education, as she ‘tried her hand’ at several businesses. She became the proprietor of boarding house in Market Circle, joint owner of a commercial building, opened Gloria’s Drapes and Garments factory and Top Taste Bakery, as well as a grocery store. However, her major achievement was the establishment of Hotel Gloriana, an 85-room internationally acclaimed facility on Sunset Boulevard.


Gloria’s riveting journey from poverty to prosperity is told in her autobiography “Glory to Gloriana,” which is a best-selling novel and movie that opened to rave reviews in 2006 in Jamaica, Trinidad, Canada and the United States of America.


A generous person, Ms. Minto is an inspiration to many persons who face a similar reality, and she uses her own blessings to make a difference in the lives of others. “Gloriana Hotel” has become a training ground for young people from inner-city communities in Montego Bay, St. James; and her charitable efforts can be felt throughout the second city.


Her philosophy is: Always be the best at what you do and enjoy doing it.


Gloria was nominated for The Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award in 2005 and received other coveted awards including the Cable & Wireless (Jamaica) Limited’s Excellence Award in 2005 and the Jamaica Tourist Board Award in 2006. Overseas, she has been recognised with the 2004 Trade Leaders Club of Spain High Honour Golden Award; the New Millennium Golden Award for the Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry, 2005; the New Millenium Golden Five Continents Award for Excellence in 2005, as well as the Other Ways Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige, among others.


Eugennie “Gloria” Minto, it is with pride and confidence that your colleagues and the members of the GGAA committee have selected you as a worthy recipient of The Governor-General’s Achievement Award for the parish of St. James in the year 2008.


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