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Achievement Awards Scheme
award recipients : westmoreland

Melvin James Honeyghan, a Justice of the Peace, dedicated Service Club member and entrepreneur, has created a major company in Westmoreland, provided jobs for several persons; and has dedicated his life to assist others to “get a start in life.”

He was born on March 18, 1961 in Water Works, Westmoreland. He attended Coke’s View Primary School and Petersfield Primary School. He furthered his education at the Savanna-la-mar Secondary School, and subsequently attended the Petersfield Vocational Trade Training Centre, where he studied to become an auto mechanic. On graduation, he worked as an apprentice with a garage at Hertford. Low pay and frustration led him to establish his own garage under a tree.

One year after he launched out on his own, Mr. Honeyghan met the late Ethline Sanford, of Sanford’s Funeral Home, who invited him to service the motor vehicles for the funeral home; and to drive the hearse for funeral services on weekends. On the death of Mrs. Sanford, he joined the establishment as a Manager.

This experience sparked and influenced his interest in the mortuary business. However, he tried to operate a mini-bus service, prior to working with a funeral home in Black River. The meager returns from running a mini-bus forced him to make a decision, and he decided that he would go into the casket-making business.

Against that background, he established his woodwork operation in the back of his grandmother’s home, and traveled by bus to Kingston to purchase accessories, such as the interior materials and handles for the caskets. He marketed his caskets to funeral homes in Falmouth and Montego Bay.

Convinced that he had more to offer in the funeral business, Mr. Honeyghan purchased two hearses, one a mere station wagon, and establish Honeyghan’s Funeral Service in Water Works. Today, he owns 7 hearses, 21 limousines, one truck and four buses; and is actively working to build the first crematorium in Westmoreland, on lands that he owns. Mr. Honeyghan operates his own printing service, a casket-making enterprise, and employs 28 members of staff, and with expansion of the business, plans to engage the services of some 20 additional persons.

The life of Melvin Honeyghan, despite his early struggles, has emerged to be one of commitment and sharing. He is determined to “give back” some of his own rewards to enhance the lives of other people in his community. An active member of the Kiwanis Club of Savanna-la-mar, he has served as a Director in that organization; and as a member of the Rotary Club, where he has been the Director of Community Service.

He is the Patron for a “house” at his alma mater; and he sponsors events for the football Club and other organizations in his community.

Mr. Honeyghan resides at Llandilo with his wife, Pauline; and their two children.

Melvin James Honeyghan, it is with pride and confidence that the members of the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards Committee of Westmoreland have selected you as a worthy recipient of The Governor-General’s Achievement Award for the parish of Westmoreland in the year 2007.

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